SurgeryThanks to insurance, workers compensation, and other medical benefits, those who have been hurt at work have the ability to receive high-quality medical attention for work-related injuries. Some common spinal injuries include fractures, breaks, herniated discs, partial spinal misalignment, aggravated degenerative discs, and torn ligaments. If these sound familiar, and you have tried other alternatives, maybe you should consider surgery as an option.

The Value in Surgery

While surgery certainly is not for everyone, it has significant value for many individuals. If your back or neck pain is chronic, sharp, and debilitating in nature, surgery may provide relief. Thanks to advances in the field of science and medicine, surgery has become safer and more effective than ever. With minimally invasive operations and long-term solutions, back surgery and neck surgery have never been viewed in a better light.

Other Alternatives

Before trying surgery, though, it is important to exhaust all other options. These include physical therapy, medication, and injections. The latter are particularly effective and can provide immediate, long-lasting pain relief in many situations.

For more information on the benefits and risks of surgery, as well as the different types, discuss your options with a medical specialist today. Surgery should never be pursued without first receiving an accurate diagnosis.